Delicious Delights

Welcome to the dream land of goodness

Hummus- Chickpeas\ Garbanzo Beans Puree with Tahini , Garlic and lemon juice topped with Extra virgin Olive Oil.... yummy yummyyy

Fool- Fava Beans puree mixed with garlic and lemon juice topped with Extra virgin olive oil

Mutabal-Roasted Eggplant combined with tahini, garlic and lemon juice that has a wonderful smoky taste and a smooth, creamy consistency.

Falafel, a combination of ground chickpeas, mixed with a variety of spices, then deep fried into mini patty like shapes, is one of the most common street food snacks in Jordan and the Middle East,it's light and fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside

Flafel pies -are Typically Falafel balls warped in rich yet light dough baked in the oven to a perfect golden color 

Cheese Balls- Akkawi Cheese (Middle Eastern kind of cheese) filled pastries

Sefeeha - a round dough topped with meat (a mix of beef meat with secret seasoning and spices) baked to a perfect golden color

Zeit&Zatar - a round of dough, topped with za’atar (a herb thyme spice mixture) and olive oil , you will love it ,the crusty bread with a fluffy inside, and that wonderful herb taste.

Potato Puffs- Delicious potato filled pastry

Try it ..Its Addictive

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