Delicious Delights

The below menu is just to give you some ideas of what has been popular with other customers, So if you don’t see something you want here, just ask!

- Middle eastern cheese platter ( 2 types of cheeses , 2 types of olives, baby carrots and turnip pickles)
- Mediterranean salad on a stick ( cherry tomato, cucumber, bell pepper and cheese)
- Hummus crackers
- Tuna sandwich bites
- Turkey sandwich bites
- Mini cheese balls pastry
- Mini zait&zatar bites ( thyme )
-Mini Beef kabab skewers
- Mini chicken sheesh skewers

- Mini burgers
- Chicken Shawerma bites
- Baqlava bites (dessert)                                                         
- Basboosa bites (Mediterranean semolina coconut cake

- Kunafa bites
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